Members of the Men’s Artistic Squad competed at the Pegasus Open.

In the first round of the day our youngest members competed in the Under 8 age group. For these boys it was their first competition. They competed with confidence, great maturity, and a constant smile throughout. Luke flew over the vault to secure a silver medal, Erik circled 10 circles like a helicopter around the mushroom, Kian achieved a personal best of 5 circles without a fall and Max somersaulted his way across the floor, what a great first outing!

Round 2 saw the Under 9 age group compete. Wow, these boys demonstrated huge improvements from their previous competition. Again, competing with a smile, the competed with style. Much improved pommel routines, flighted vaults, and higher start values due to increased difficulty within their routines. Ezra won the Under 9 competition, with clean routines, lines, and confidence along with 1st place on Floor, and 3rd places on Vault, P.Bar and H.Bar. Rocco finished in 4th place with a great flighted vault to take gold along with 3rd place on floor. Team mate Whittaker finished closely behind in 6th place with a fantastic P.Bar routine taking gold on this piece. Jasper finished in 10th place and performed a great Pommel routine with nice clean lines and solid performances throughout.

The last round of the day saw our older boys compete. Brodie and Leo competed in the Under 12 age group demonstrating confidence and competition focus. Both competed well and secured results as well as personal bests. Brodie finished in 8th place overall and 3rd on P.Bars with a strong and clean routine. Leo finished in 3rd overall taking gold on P.Bars performing a routine with only 0.3 in deductions, also claiming 3rd on Rings and Vault. Ethan and Eliyah competed in the Under 14 age group also with huge success. Ethan won the competition along with medals on all 6 pieces of apparatus! A clean competition for Ethan. Teammate Eliyah finished in 3rd place overall and secured medals on for the apparatus he competed on. Both Ethan and Eliyah competed well and demonstrated improvements! Dexter competed in the Under 16 age group. Competing on 4 pieces and securing 4 golds is an achievement on its own!

Congratulations to all our gymnasts and coaches for their performances over the weekend!