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Music with Mummy

Take your child on a musical journey, with our lively, fun classes full of singing, movement and percussion.

Fabulous fun for babies and children from birth until school. Jessica Stockwell has been running her Music with Mummy classes at Pegasus for a number of years now.

Please call 01622 532587, email Jess or visit the Music with Mummy website here

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Scott Read Sports Therapist

Scott Read, our resident sports therapist has been working at Pegasus for over a year now. Scott has worked with Maidstone United FC but now works with K-sports FC and Pegasus.

He has worked in gyms, in a chiropractor clinic and treats all different sporting and non sporting injuries such as muscle tears, ankle sprains, tennis elbow and many more.

He can also offer deep tissue and relaxation massages treating people for general stiffness and tightness due to work or non work related activites.

For more information and bookings, please call 078503 83894 or email Scott.

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Brooks Academy of Dance

Brooks has been at Pegasus since 2016 after being founded by Susan Brooks in 1993. Classes include Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Street, Modern Theatre Craft, Tap, Cheerleading, Musical Theatre and Adult Ballet/Jazz and Fitness.

For more infomation and bookings, please call 07788 664429 or email Susan.

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Starlights Cheerleaders

Starlights has been at Pegasus for a number of years from back when we were in Crismill Lane to now in our larger facility. This has also enabled Starlights to expand and train on some Friday and Saturday nights at Pegasus.

For more information and bookings, please email Starlights.

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The Coffee Beam

The Coffee Beam welcomes you to their coffee shop facility at Pegasus. The Coffee Beam is run independently from the club by Debbie Hounsell.

They are there for you to grab some refreshments while waiting for your children to do their gymnastics, dance class or other activity. They offer hot food, snacks, drinks and ice creams. There is also a play area too for other patiently waiting siblings.

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Circuit Training

My name is Lydia Havers, I am a level 3 Qualified Personal trainer and Fitness Instructor,I work in and around Maidstone running classes and PT sessions and small group sessions.

My passion for fitness came after my diagnosis of cancer in 2016, I went through a journey that turned my life upside down and from that developed an enthusiasm to make my body the best it can be (I am still in the process!).

My point is fitness is a journey we all have ups and downs and life gets in the way but we can and most definitely should help ourselves along the way, its never too late , you are never too old to start again! So come along to Circuit Training, have some fun and meet fabulous people all wanting to improve their fitness levels and general health.

If you want more information or would like to come along please contact me #LAPersonalFitness. I look forward to training with you !

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