We are pleased to announce that the Star of the Month for March is Jenn Trandaburu. Jenn not only received the most nominations this month, but she also received the most nominations overall over the last 5 months. We have only 2 people who have received nominations every month, and Jenn is one of them.

A very big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to Jenn!

The nominations for Jenn include how much she has helped people individually, how she steps in and helps out with whatever needs to be done (whether or not it is officially her job to do) and how much she does behind the scenes that is so valuable to the Club but most people wouldn’t see. Thank you Jenn, we all really do appreciate what you do.

Thank you also goes to Dasa, Ionut, Tas, Faye and Sam this month. Six people in total were nominated this month and they also all deserve a very big Well Done and Thank You, you are all making a difference through what you do and who you are.