Friday 27th – Sunday 29th October

Whittaker, Ezra and Jasper competed at Club Level 1 with great success. This being their first National Final, they held their nerves and met most of their targets. 3 awesome pommel routines, and solid routines across floor, vault and H.Bar the boys helped the South East team to success in 2nd place! Whittaker gained a hugely respectable 4th place overall and teammates Ezra and Jasper finished in 19th and 22nd place retrospectively.

Ben, Brodie and Leo competed in the Elite Level 3 category with some much-improved performances. 3 great rings routines, 3 flighted vaults, and some individual outstanding pieces took the boys into 3rd place as a team! Brodie finished in 23rd place, Ben finished in 13th and Leo in 11th place overall.

Ethan competed at Elite Level 5 and performed a high flighted vault and demonstrated improved strength within his rings routine to finished in 5th place overall.

Eliyah competed in Club Grade 6 successfully. Complete routines, style and confidence took him to 5th place overall and scores towards the team total that secured 1st place!

Rocco, competing at his first National Final, in Elite Grade 1 dealt with his nerves well and enjoyed the experience. Rocco presented much improved routines and helped towards the team total securing 2nd place with the South-East Team.