The floor and vault squad competed at the Kent championships for advanced, bronze, silver and gold levels on Sunday 11th February 2024. For many of the gymnasts involved, it was the first competition within a new competitive level, or performing a brand new routine. These gymnasts absolutely smashed their performances and achieved some great results too! We are so proud of everyone that took part. Well done team Pegasus!

Congratulations to everyone who competed in their age group to position as follows:

Advanced level:  Darcie – 6th,  Henry – 2nd,  Evie P – 7th,  Ambia – 1st,  Thea – 9th,  Lucia – 4th,  Julia – 3rd,  Jaya – 2nd,  Kimberley – 11th,  Ella – 8th,  Mimi – 3rd,  Beatrice – 4th,  Milaya – 3rd,  Summer – 6th,  Imani – 3rd,  Megan – 8th, Evie L – 3rd,  Scarlett T – 7nd,  Evie-Rose – 2nd,  Charlotte – 1st and qualified to move to bronze level

Bronze level: Jasmine H – 1st,  Felicity – 3rd,  Mitzie – 1st,  Lucy R – 2nd and qualified to move to silver level, Emma – 5th

Silver level:  Lucy H – 5th, Jeevana – 4th

Gold level:  Jasmine B – 2nd, Evie W – 6th