Pegasus took part in the Kent Teams competition February 2019. With no individual results, gymnasts were split into teams of 3 and 4 to compete for team titles in their respective levels and categories.
It was a very successful day for Pegasus, taking home 3 of a possible 4 trophies for highest scores within the level over the course of the day! All gymnasts performed extremely well, and some gymnasts were performing for the first time in a new level!

Results are as follows:
Intermediate category:
Team of: Charlotte Money-Noriega, Alice Thomson, Amiya Strevett, Mae Butler – 1st overall and trophy winners
Teams of: Seren Matthews, Daniel Bayjou, Ava Murton – 5th Overall


Advanced Category:
Team of: Lucy Boultwood, Iona Bowers, Ava Cudmore-Smith, Ella Lomas – 1st overall and joint trophy winners
Team of: Nicola Bentall, Mei-Lin Reeves, Lydia Sutehall, Amber Bowers – 1st overall and joint trophy winners
Team of: Isabella Amartey, Lucy Harris, Hannah DeLange – 3rd overall
Team of: Bianca Lasota, Evie Wright, Erin Sparks – 4th overall


Bronze Category:
Team of: Amy Lund, Poppy Gedge, Reece Hounsell – 2nd overall
Team of: Harry Green, Louie Green, Fabian Rugina, Louie Palmer – 7th overall


Silver category:
Team of: Connor Prasetyo, Lauren Vallance, Oliver Pearce, Luciana De-Castro – 1st Overall and trophy winners
Team of: Hana Griffiths, Megan Jones, Eloise Crouch – 5th overall