Regional Level 4 Round 1 saw Mitzie, Ella and Maiya step into the competition arena for their very first pre-grades. Nerves were high but excitement was even higher!
The girls performed classy routines and were a pleasure to watch, particularly on floor and beam where they were complimented by both sets of judges on their artistic performances. Out of every gymnast in their round there were four routines that achieved a 13+ score, a difficult feat, three of these scores were achieved by a Pegasus gymnast. We were very impressed by the girls maturity and confidence during what must have been an intimidating experience for them. All three girls achieved an overall score of above 60, Maiya took 2nd place, Ella 8th and Mitzie 10th. Huge well done girls!

Regional Level 3 Round 2 brought Layla, Lillian and Evie back into the arena for the first time in over two years. Lillian and Evie for the first time as Pegasus gymnasts!
The girls were definitely feeling the nerves but as things kicked off and they settled into their routines the confidence started to build back up again. Starting on beam (scary) the girls went three for three without falling and kicked their competiton off very well.
The girls performed their routines confidently and with some real class, once again the judges on floor remarked at the quality of their performances exclaiming how little they took in artistry deductions!
Once again the Pegasus gymnasts boasted some strong scores and even broke 13+ on a few pieces.
The competition ended with a Pegasus sweep of the podium with Evie in 1st, Lillian in 2nd and Layla in 3rd. Huge well done girls, you should be very proud of yourselves.

The final round at Regional Level 2 saw Fran, Ella, Livvi and Lottie take the stage. Lottie and Fran for the first time as Pegasus artistic members.
Nerves were certainly high as they entered the arena and awaited their competiton to begin but as always once things kicked off the nerves settled and the performances began to shine through.
Starting with floor the girls presented some wonderful routines with impressive tumbles and once again very impressive artistry. For the third and final time the judges complimented the Pegasus girls and informed us their artistry deductions were zero!
The girls competed their routines with confidence and bravery, emphasis on the bravery as they have probably felt the absence of competing over these past few years more than anyone.
With very few falls and more classy routines the Pegasus girls swept the podium with Fran in 1st, Livvi in 2nd, Ella in 3rd and Lottie taking 1st place in her category. We hope the girls are as proud of themselves as we are, a huge well done to all.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the coaches and parents who came to support the girls, a huge shout out to the parents and gymnasts who stayed all day to support the Pegasus girls in other rounds! We see and appreciate you all!