Our WAG girls had an amazing experience at Quatrovision in Wiltshire this past weekend, 3rd – 5th April 2023. The competition was brilliantly organised and the girls performed fantastically.

On Friday, Ella attended the Regional 1 round, nerves and excitement were high in anticipation for her first competition of the year. Starting on beam, Ella stayed steady and performed her most confident looking routine yet.  An unfortunate fall after her spin prevented her from going clean but the performance and the fight were strong throughout.  Following beam, Ella continued her competition with great energy, bringing home individual apparatus awards in the form of Gold on bars, Silver on vault, and Bronze for range and conditioning. Ella finished her round in 5th place overall and even won a special award for her amazing number design. A huge well done Ella!



On Saturday, Indie attended her National 5 competition and performed fantastically.
Indie also started her first competition of the year with a mix of excitement and nerves in equal measure. Indie performed a strong range routine and a beautifully executed bar routine to kick her competition off to a good start. An unfortunate couple of falls on beam routine set Indie back a few marks, but we were extremely proud to see her leave the disappointment behind her and move onto her floor routine with a great attitude in order to finish her competition well. Indie finished her competition in 6th place overall with an additional Gold award for vault, Silver award for bars, and Bronze award for range and conditioning. She was also awarded an award for her fabulous number design. Well done Indie!


An early Sunday morning saw Lottie step into the arena for her first competition of the year. As with her teammates, nerves were running high, but Lottie showed fantastic competitiveness and a hunger to achieve good scores in her first appearance this year. Starting on beam, Lottie had the opportunity to hit the ground running and she took this chance like a true competitor, staying clean on a fantastic routine Lottie started her competition well. Moving through the rotations Lottie clearly enjoyed her time competing and showed the judges some beautifully executed routines. Lottie’s floor routine was received particularly well by the judges and other coaches. Lottie finished her round in an amazing 2nd place overall, taking home a Gold award on Vault, Gold on Bars, Gold on Floor and Bronze on Beam. Lottie also received an award for outstanding Artistry on floor so a huge well done to our Choreographer Jenna and her work with these beautiful routines. Well done Lottie!

Last up for the Pegasus girls was Livvi and she was no exception with nerves and excitement at an all time high in anticipation for her first time in the arena this year. Livvi started her competition with two beautiful vaults, kick starting her round well. A beautifully executed bar routine by Livvi continued her strong start before moving to beam. Despite a beautiful performance on beam, Livvi unfortunately found herself on the ground twice leaving her at a big disadvantage after the routine was over. We were proud of Livvi for keeping her chin high and leaving the disappointment behind her when moving to floor where she performed a fantastic routine that was nominated for an artistry award too. (Well done Jenna!)Finishing on a stunning range routine, Livvi finished her competition in a fantastic 4th place, taking home apparatus awards Gold on Vault, Gold on bars, Silver for range and conditioning, and Gold on floor. Livvi was also specifically recognised for her outstanding straddle jump in her beam routine. Amazing work Livvi.

A huge thank you to the parents who came to support the girls through the weekend and a special thank you to Hannah Lethbridge who represented Pegasus as a judge.

Well done Team Pegasus!