Pegasus Floor and Vault squad members competed in their advanced competition this past weekend in Guildford. We had gymnasts competing across 6 different age groups and they’ve all done incredibly well.
In category 1 Advanced for gymnasts training up to 4hours a week we had gymnasts in three age groups.

Lucy won a gold medal and scored best on vault overall in the 2008 age group, together with a great floor routine she managed to qualify advance Bronze category!  Ella also competed in this age group and placed at a great 7th place.

In the 2010 Jul-Dec age group , Jasmine H. placed 6th overall.

In the 2012 age group, two gymnasts performed for the first time in this category – Emma competed a new floor routine which got her a great 7th place! Also first time in Advanced level competition, with a flying vault Jessica scored highest on that apparatus and placed in a brilliant 3rd place overall!

In category 2 Advanced for gymnasts training up to 8h a week, we had gymnasts competing in 2 age groups.
Alice performed solid routines that placed her in 5th place in the 2010 Jan – Jul age group.
In the 2009 age group Jeevana performed a fantastic vault that got her the highest score of all in the category as well as highest score of the entire competition which secured her a gold medal over all! Jasmine B. wasn’t far behind taking home silver in the same age group!

All coaches are incredibly proud of everyone’s achievements this past weekend and look forward to seeing more fantastic results from the upcoming competitions!