Members of our GfA classes and Floor and Vault squad competed at the Regional Intermediate Floor and Vault competition in Guildford on Sunday 19th June with great success.

Round 1 saw a mix of gymnasts compete from within our GfA classes and F&V squad. Exceptional routine performances on floor and some beautiful vaults scored them well with podium finishes.  A fun time was had by all these competitors.


Charlotte – 1st, Emily 2nd, Ella – 3rd


Lucy – 2nd

Jan-July 2011

Rhea – 2nd

Aug – Dec 2011

Olivia – 4th

Jan – July 2012

Julia – 4th

Aug – Dec 2012

Savannah – 7th


Ezra – 1st, Jenson – 2nd

Round 2 was just as successful. A great group of gymnasts performed exceptional routines on both floor and vault to take yet again more podium finishes.


Jaya – 3rd, Kimberley 3rd, Mimi 6th, Megan 7th

Jan – July 2010

Felicity 6th

Aug – Dec 2010

Sophia – 1st

Aug – dec 2011

Lilly – 3rd, Eva – 4th

Jan – May 2012

Jessica – 1st

June – Dec 2012

Emma – 1st, Charlotte – 2nd, Maya – 4th

June – Dec 2013

Milaya – 1st

Congratulations to everyone that competed and for a full set of results click here.