Pegasus Invitational Floor and Vault Competition


Pegasus held its annual Floor and Vault competition on the 13th and 14th October 2018 matching its record number of participants from last year with over 300 gymnasts competing from over 10 clubs in and around the South East region. A large number of gymnasts from our Floor and Vault squad were competing in a new level after qualifying at a previous event this year, and they all pulled off their new routines without faltering. It was a successful day of competition with many high scorers and top 6 finishes from the Floor and Vault squad and our advanced GFA classes in their respective categories.


Bobby Shave 1st, Charlotte Money-Noriega 2nd, Zanna Stimson 1st, Olivia Stoner 12th, Felicity Mace 1st, Martha Winek 2nd, Amie Wright 7th, Amiya Strevett 2nd, Sophie Wright 8th, Maizy Clayton 10th, Sophie Carr 1st, Sophie Cook 2nd, Mimi Atkins 3rd, Eva Surfleet 4th, Charlotte Peters 6th, Megan Nicholls 6th, Olivia Baker 7th, Grace Tree 9th, Emma Mills 10th, Milly Bowes-Cavanagh 3rd


Mae Butler 6th, Ava Cudmore-Smith 1st, Ella Lomas 2nd, Alice Thomson 3rd, Seren Matthews 6th, Ava Murton 4th, Mei-Lin Reeves 2nd, Charlotte Carr 4th, Emily Kershaw 2nd, Niamh Nicol 4th, Abigail Davies 7th, Ami Homewood 8th


Harry Green 1st, Lydia Sutehall 2nd, Louie Green 1st, Fabian Rugina 2nd, Toby Halim 3rd, Hannah De Lange 4th, Nicola Bentall 7th, Bianca Lasota 1st, Lucy Boultwood 1st, Erin Sparks 3rd, Iona Bowers 3rd, Isabella Amartey 5th, Evie Wright 6th, Lucy Harris 6th


Cara Mullane 1st, Reece Hounsell 1st, Poppy Gedge 5th, Amy Lund 3rd


Luciana De Castro 2nd, Hana Griffiths 4th, Megan Jones 5th, Aisling Day 3rd, Lauren Vallance 3rd, Eloise Crouch 4th, Rosy Wright 5th, Connor Prasetyo 2nd, Oliver Pearce 1st


Andrew Sutton 1st