A full body workout

Pegasus Olympic Weightlifting Club is affiliated to British Weightlifting. We have excellent equipment, a spacious layout and experienced coaches. No previous experience is required to join in the sessions and all ages (from 9years – adult), all shapes, and sizes are welcome.

Weightlifting requires physical and mental agility. Skills learnt include building strength and explosive power, core stability, coordination and balance which can be applied to any sport but is otherwise a great way of keeping fit.

Benefits include: A full-body workout – weightlifting improves core strength and will also work the back, arms, and shoulders. Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments are more capable of withstanding stress and are less likely to be injured. A leaner, more toned body – weightlifting increases lean body mass and reduces body fat percentage.

It focuses on coordination and speed, building strength more slowly and creating lean muscle. Improved flexibility – by working through a full range of movement. Improved bone health – weightlifting increases bone mineral density which is particularly important for women. Weightlifting can improve quality of life as confidence is gained.