Our classes

Our GYMability classes are available to all children with a social, physical or learning disabilities. We provide a fun and safe environment for each individual to reach their maximum potential.

We offer a bespoke programme whereby children not only have the opportunity to enhance their gymnastics skill but also improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Pegasus GYMability classes include “GYMability FUNdamentals” which is a school age unstructured classes and “GYMability” which is School age structured class.

Participants will need to be assessed prior to starting at the club and all Medical Screenings (if necessary) need to be completed. “GYMability” classes are parent/guardian/carer accompanied dependant on severity of disability and run by fully trained British Gymnastics certified staff and supported by Young Leaders.

We do require individuals to be able to work alongside coaches and other children in a group setting. Parents, guardians and carer are required to attend and participate in our FUNdamentals class (a description of which can be found below).


“GYMability” classes are aimed at children within Primary and Secondary School.

Classes start with a short warm-up and progress into a structured class using gymnastics equipment.

Badge schemes can be completed.

GYMability FUNdamentals

These classes are aimed at children over the age of 5 years old who may be unable to integrate into either mainstream or structured SEN Sessions for any given reason, be it physical, learning or behavioural. Parents / carers are expected to take an active part in this child led session with coaches available to support in an unstructured manor. Children will be able to utilise the gym equipment to help improve their physical and mental well-being. Set targets are used to ensure full use of the equipment along with a feeling of fulfilment and achievement for both parent/guardian and child.