Can my child try a class before joining?

Yes, we encourage children to come and do a ‘Try-It’ class before joining the club. You can book a ‘Try-It’ by phoning the gym on 01622 737170 or emailing See here for office opening times.


How much does it cost?


45 mins Classes £6.50

1 Hour Classes - £7.50

1 ½ Hour classes - £9.20


Do I have to join the Club?

After you have had a ‘Try-It’ session you will need to become a member of Pegasus Gymnastics Club if you wish to continue attending the classes.


How much does club membership cost?

The Club Annual Club membership fees are as follows:

Kindergym - £20.00

Gymnastics for All - £30.00

Competitive Squads - £40.00/£50.00

You also need to pay a membership fee for British Gymnastics which is as follows:

Kindergym - £11.00

Gymnastics for All - £17.00

Competitve Squads - £41.00

(Prices correct at date of publishing)


How do I pay?

On joining the club you will be invoiced for Annual Club and BG membership fees together with the session fees for the rest of that term. At the end of each term you will receive an invoice for the session fees for the next term.


When does the year start and what if I want to join part-way through the year?

The Club year starts in September, and the Club membership fee is reduced for those joining later in the year. The British Gymnastics membership fee is set by BG and may or may not be reduced for those joining later in the year.


How do I get there?

The club address and directions can be found here


Can I just turn up on the day?

For all classes you need to book in for a ‘Try-It’ by phoning the gym on 01622 737170 or emailing See here for office opening times.


Can I stay and watch a General class?

Yes - we have seating in the corridors if you wish to stay and watch


Can I bring my baby to my child’s Kindergym class?

Yes, you can bring a baby in a car seat or pushchair into the gym when you bring your child to Kindergym but you do need to be able to help your older child with the activities in the gym.


What does my child need to wear?

For Kindergym and General classes children should wear a t-shirt and shorts or tracksuit bottoms. Avoid belts, buckles and zips.

Long hair should be tied and up all jewellery removed, children go in bare-foot. Parents accompanying children in kindergym classes need to remove their shoes.


What should I do if my child is ill or unable to come to their class?

Contact the club on 01622 737170 and leave a message on the answerphone, or email


What do I do if I want to leave?

We ask for half a term’s written notice (6 weeks) if you wish to leave. Failure to give sufficient notice may result in a leaving fee being charged.


What qualifications do the coaches have?

All staff are qualified to British Gymnastics recognised standards with all lead coaches to a minimum of UKCC Level 2 award in Coaching Gymnastics.

All senior staff are qualified in the following fields:

First Aid

Equity in your Coaching

Safe Guarding and Protecting Children

Sports Injury

GMPD (Gymnastics and Movement for People with Disabilities



Are all the staff CRB checked?

It is required by British Gymnastics that all Staff have a Criminal Records Bureaux Check.

All the staff at the club are checked on a regular basis and always kept up to date.


What do I do if I have any concerns?

The Club have three Welfare Officers who are happy to deal with any concerns that you have. Click here to contact a Welfare Officer.

If your concern is regarding a class change, please contact the Office by either phone or email.

If your concern is regarding class content then talk to the lead coach of that class.

If your concern is regarding a Member of Staff you can either contact the Club Director Ionut Trandaburu ( or one of the three Welfare Officers.

If your concern is regarding the development of your child within a squad, contact either their personal coach, Charlie

or Ionut


Will my child have the opportunity to enter any competitions?

The Advanced classes and certain gymnasts selected due to age and ability will get the chance to participate in competitions at recreational levels. The Club usually hand out letters informing parents and gymnasts of the date, entry fee and any other information needed along with a return slip to accept or deny the opportunity. All club members have the opportunity to participate in the Club’s Annual Festival.


What’s the best way to get a message to, or talk to my child’s coach?

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your child then please email the coach direct to find a suitable time:

Ionut -

Jennie -

Ovi -

Lacra -

Charlie -

Dave -

Alternatively Email the office at

Or leave a message on the Club’s answer phone on 01622 737170