Awards Level 8 to Level 1


The BG Proficiency awards provide foundations for high quality gymnastics and cover the teaching of pre-school, core & advanced gymnastic skills.


The awards have been developed by coach and education professionals of British Gymnastics (the UK National Governing body) and are widely used in gymnastic clubs, schools and leisure centres.


These awards are endorsed by the Association for the Physical Education (afPE) underpinning the teaching of gymnastics within the National Curriculum.

Once achieved you shall receive: Levels 8 - 2 comprise of a badge and certificate, and Level 1 a medal and certificate




We have created our own Badge Scheme called

GYM FIT that our members shall be able to work towards once the British Gymnastics (BG) Proficiency Badge Scheme has been completed.


These awards have been created by coaches at the club and have been designed and created as an extent ion to the BG scheme.




GFA Badges Schemes at Pegasus

We have found in the past that once a member had completed the club badge scheme there was no longer a goal to achieve. A change was needed and this is what we came up with.... We shall use the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award scheme and once this has been completed members shall move onto completing our own newly designed badge scheme called GYMFIT.

Please note: Previous members that have achieved Level 4, 3, 2, or 1 on the past badge scheme shall start directly with the new GYMFIT scheme. Those that are new members or have achieved Level 6, or 5 on the past badge scheme shall start with the BG Proficiency scheme.

We shall be starting with Badges throughout October